Creativity. Imagination. It is something that I use everyday: in the past, currently, and in the future, dreams will continue to come to life. 

The photography on this site are not computer generated. My work is inspired by a fascination with making images which looks as though they possibly have been generated via computer, however they all are all film based. I am also interested in giving my images a painterly quality which is why some images look as though they have brushstrokes. I use photography not to interpret reality, as many photographers do, but to attempt to realise the images which come to me in dreams.

I began this type of photography while still studying the medium in college in the early 90s. This was just a few years before digital cameras became available for the mass market and while image editing programs were still in their infancy. But it was obvious where the medium was headed. My intent was to push film based photography to its limits and set about creating images which, to the untrained eye, could be construed as computer generated imagery. In some regards I also sought to emulate a painterly quality with my images.

Photo Facts
Camera: Minolta Maxxum 5000
Film: Fujichrome Velvia 35mm

Optical Influences
Man Ray
Salvador Dali
El Lissitzky
Marcel Duchamp

Aural Influences
Cocteau Twins
Dead Can Dance